1 How do I become a GFI Agent?

You can become a GFI agent and make money. Click  here to learn more 

2 What are your refund policies like?

All requests for refunds will be processed minus a 25% processing fee. Refund requests must be received within 7 days of receiving your order. For prints, each work is custom printed as soon as your order is placed and we cannot re-sell or re-stock any items that are returned. For Art originals, refunds will be made within 7 days of return minus a 5% percent processing fee.

3 What forms of payments does Goldfingers Images accept?

Goldfingers Images presently accepts all Visas, Master cards, as well as PayPal. Offline orders could be made with cash and checks.

4 How do I work with a Goldfingers Images art advisor?

Goldfingers Images is delighted to provide all the art advisory services you need. You can work one- on- one with an art advisor to help find or commission the perfect piece for your need. 

5 Do I need an account on Goldfingers Images in order to purchase on the site?

You may not need an account. We can conveniently give guest checkout for those who just want to make a purchase.  However, there are a a lot of reasons to create an account. This includes keeping track of your favorite artwork and artists from your collections, receiving personalized art selections to your inbox. It takes only  a few minutes and you’ll be done. However, if you need help checking out or simply prefer to do it over the phone, we’ll happy to take your order that way as well.

6 Can I commission a custom piece?

Yes. All you need to do is go our our “Commission an Art’ Menu in our site and go to custom art. Our Custom art service is superb and any work you desire is executed by our best artist recognized for that type of art. A step by step process is engaged and previewed by you from time to time to ensure that the work received is  properly tailored to your need.

7 32. When I buy an original artwork, do I equally own the copyright?

When you buy an original artwork here, you buy and own the physical work . In most circumstances, you own only the artwork, and not the copyright. The copyright remains with the artist unless he specifically assigns it over to you

8 How can I be sure the artwork I buy on Goldfingers Images is authentic?

We make great efforts to carefully review works of artists and galleries in this site before they are made available to buyers. It is usually only after our team has properly reviewed a work from an artist or gallery and ensured its acceptability before that work is made available for sale. In addition to that, every image sale is accompanied with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and covered by our 100% Buyer Guarantee. 

9 Who are the artists and photographers featured in your website?

We have a  wide range of artists from what you may call classical African artists to modern and contemporary. We have works of African artists that have passed on and that are living and very active. We equally have works of artists that are very young. This site boasts of brilliant accomplished male and female African artists and photographers. We are delighted to let you know that works of art from non Africans, but tailored to fit African themes and concepts are equally accepted and sold here

10 How do I find a good original African painting?

Good is relative. What is good for you may not be what is good for another. Our advice is to follow your passion and emotion. Another way of doing this is to measure “good” from the perspective of popularity and what people may be saying of the artist and his works. There are hundreds of very good African Artists and artworks in the world and featured in this site. While personally contacting us may be of help, written works and references on works found in this site may help you make a good choice. However, we presently run an offline free and complimentary advisory service for those who seriously need advice on their purchase and art collections. Interested buyers or collectors could call us or email us

11 I’m having trouble uploading my images. What do I do?

Check Your image file type and size. These are usually the main reasons why you may have a problem uploading. Your image type must be in jpeg and currently, must not be less than 1 MB and  more than 20 MB.

12 How secured are my images in this site?

You can go to sleep when your images are uploaded into our site. What are directly displayed are low        resolution images that may often be useless to copy cats. These low resolution images are often equally seen during google searches, and in our opinion, they are there as leads  that can popularize the art and the artist and not remove from him. However, the high-res images are protected in our cloud facility and are never reached by image thieves.

13 What if My Custom Art is not satisfactory?

If you aren't satisfied with your custom artwork, we are more than happy to work with you again and again to make it perfect!

14 What happens when my art is damaged during shipment?

We will replace it immediately you inform us of this. We do everything in our power to avoid the occurrence of such incidences by properly packaging it. However, since we do not have control over what happens when it is in transit, we will always apologize and replace it. 

15 Can I use the phone to place an order?

Yes, a phone order can be done with or without registration

16 Do you offer free shipping?

We do not offer free shipping. We believe shipping is never free anywhere as costs of shipping are      often heaped on the costs of the goods.

17 Do you offer wholesale prices for your art or images?

We could offer wholesale prices on originals and reprints. We can, however, consider wholesale for these when orders are up to 30 and above. 

18 How do I close my account?

The settings in your account profile has a link for closing your account. When your account is closed, all images associated with you and your account are equally erased from our data base

19 Can I rent an art from your site?

Yes. We presently give our art originals or art prints for rent. Renting for a few period allows you to emotionally and aesthetically engage the work before you decide on whether you want to own the work. It allows persons or organizations the opportunity to use this work for some periods thereby spending less than they would have spent if they were to buy. 

20 How do I set the prices of my prints?

You currently cannot dictate the prices of your prints as all prints have uniform price ranges. However, you can set the prices of your art originals.

21 I want to download or license an image in your site. How do I do this?

Contact us indicating your desire. We will contact the artist on your behalf and get such permission before allowing this.

22 I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

1.    Go to the login page and click the link that says, “Forgot Password?” You’ll be appropriately directed from here

23 What is your cancellation / return policy?

If You are not happy with a purchase that you made (Art original or Art print) you can return it within 7 days of order. We will be happy to exchange the work for another one of your choice or issue a refund. However, this will only be done where there was no damage to the art product.

24 Does Goldfingers Images ship world wide?

Yes. We ship to anywhere in the world as long as there is a shipping address

25 Do the art originals come with frames?

Our art originals are usually made, priced and sent without frames. This is however for a good reason as a wide number of art buyers would either prefer their art hanging on their walls without the obtrusion of a frame or would prefer frames of their choices. If you want a frame accompanying your art originals, do not hesitate to let us know through We will be willing to provide you with a wide array of frames from which you can make a choice

26 In what preferred format should I save my image?

Your images need to be saved as JPEG files using the sRGB or Adobe RGB color space. 
We do not support TIF files or GIF files. We do not support the CMYK or ProPhoto color spaces. 

27 How do you know the images I send are African Art?

Right now, it is difficult to define what may be strictly referred to as African Art. What if an Australian lives in Africa and creates works of Art? What if an African lives in London and creates works of Art?

What about the scenario of a German artist incensed by African motifs and symbolism? When you upload an image and give a suitable description of it, for as long as it has even the least nexus with Africa and its motifs and symbolism, it will be accepted and regarded as an African Art.

28 What if I don’t make sales as an artist or a gallery?

It often begins like that. At the beginning there may be no sales for a month, for three months, six months or even a year. However, sales will come when you make more efforts to direct people to your works. In some instances, sales may even come without any effort depending on the content of your work and the amount of skills you have shown. However, such sales do not persist without reasonable marketing efforts from your side. People that make sales often hold exhibitions, go to art fairs, or publish their works in as many forums as possible. Sales will definitely come when you make efforts. This will usually be complemented by the efforts we make from our site. We don't rest on our oars. We work assiduously to ensure that every artist and artworks on our site are given marketed.

29 How do I ensure that I make sales in your website?

You are required to do a lot of self publishing and advertising for your works using all forms of available social media. The more you expose and advertise your work with your friends and art lovers, the more likely your work will sell. While we make efforts to ensure that works on our website sell, we advice our artists to do aggressive marketing both online and offline that can lead people to their works in our site. 

30 How much resolution is good for images to be uploaded?

The preferred file resolution is 300 ppi. Generally, it is advised that your files must not be less than 2 Mb and must not be more than 20 MB in size and must be saved in jpeg format.Your files should, ideally, be this resolution at the final print size that you intend to create. We can accept files that are a lower resolution than this, and we can enlarge your files as requested, but it’s important to understand that this is not the most ideal situation and can result in low quality print.s. We will let you know if your file is lower than 150 pixels/inch at final print size, as this is the lowest resolution we recommend for printing. The quality of your print file is one of the most important parts of the printing process. 

31 How will Artists and Galleries be paid out for print sales?

Goldfingers Images has a 30-day return policy for artworks that are sold. This implies that buyers can return their orders to us for a full refund anytime within 30 days after the date of purchase. As a result, we can't pay our members for their sales until that 30 day window expires and we're certain that the orders won't be returned. Payments to artists and galleries are made usually on the 7th of every month after the expiration of 30 days. When there is a sale, the artist or gallery is notified through a mail or notification on his account. He is directed to forward a local or paypal account which is equally used for subsequent payments.. If the artist or gallery choses to be paid by check, please allow 5 - 10 business days for your check to arrive.

32 What forms of surfaces are giclée printed on?


We print on art papers, photo papers, and canvas. Everything we have is archival, including our proofing paper. We have a huge stock of papers and canvas to choose from.

Matt: Great versatile paper that works well with all art and photographic images. It is coated with a slightly stippled texture to give a very natural photographic finish with subtle color

Gloss: The gloss finish accentuates the color to give a punchy rich feel. Compared to the Matt, it gives the image more contrast, glossiness and pronounced color, whilst maintaining accurate reproduction.Flex: This ultra-high gloss paper has a plastic feel with a warm base color, producing luxurious rich colors as well as deep blacks and high visual contrast. Metallic: Has a rich metallic base giving the colors a reflective 3-dimensional feel. High mid-tones and highlights add luminosity and iridescence.


There are two main types of canvasses: cotton and polyester with variations of each of them. The difference between them in terms of materials is that the poly canvases are made from plastic fiber strands, whereas the cotton canvases are made from cotton fibers.

33 How long do giclée prints last?

We use Epson K3 Ultrachrome archival inks and the finest acid free substrates. With these, you can be sure your print will last  well over 100 years. If your print is framed and hung in a location with no direct sunlight, it will last even longer.

34 To what extent can Giclee prints look like the original?

A few factors could hinder verisimilitude of a giclée print with its original. The first factor is that of capture of the original either with a camera or a scanner. Bad capture could produce problems that have to do with clarity. Printing hardware and printing technique could equally lead to a problem with clarity. However, in Goldfingers Images, our knowledge of all the capture processes, not leaving out appropriate base mediums, ensures a very close similarity with originals. You may not be able to tell the differences if we don’t tell you. 

35 How are these art prints created in Goldfingers Images?

Giclée art prints are majorly made from a combo of high-end printers, cameras and scanners. Giclée art prints are made with archival inks. Archival inks are inks that are created to have an extremely long life if properly cared for. Our giclee printing is one of the best print reproduction methods available. It is a process that uses a 12 color ink jet printer, acid free papers, and pigment based archival inks. This insures that your prints will never degrade or yellow over time and allows a better longevity. Giclée printing allows the artist to provide a quality product for their customers that will never fade. We can also print up to 5ft wide and 100 ft long with this method, which is great if you are looking for large, high quality prints.

36 What is a giclée print?

Before now, if you sold a piece, that’s it, that art piece is gone! Sad. That means only one buyer gets to appreciate your work. But with giclée prints, that’s not the case at all! Not only do you see more reward from a piece you put so much time and effort into, but you are able to reach even more art buyers who may have loved the original work but couldn’t necessarily afford it or find it at that time. Loosely put, giclée printing is a process that uses fade-resistant, archival inks and archival substrates to print on large format printers. Giclée printing is often used by artists to make reproductions of their original two-dimensional artwork, photographs or computer-generated art for resale while preserving the original.


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