Try Something New?

Tired of other forms of facial representations? Want something a lot more elegant and contemporary? Try our Silhouettes. A Silhouette is an image or design rendered in a single hue and tone, particularly black on white substrate or plain, or the reverse, of a face. This may equally be any outline or sharp shadow of a face.

Facial Resemblance?

Whether it’s of a child, an adult, or a couple, we can create elegant facial representations in black and white, with silver or gold hue, or on mirrors or even etched on glass.

What is most astonishing is the precision on resemblance. We work from profile pictures of you taken from your mobile phone cameras or any cameras. You can order for the artwork alone on paper, plastic glass, or mirrors or any other substrate of your choice. You can order with or without frames.

Shipping Silhouette Art?

T his is not a problem as we can ship to most part of the world. Just request for an order by sending at least three profile photographs of yourself in different head tilt. See below.

Fill Form and Upload Your Profile Images

A ny closeup image of your profile view can be used. You may capture the photograph from a camera phone, or any other digital camera. Below is a demo of different angle of how you may want to capture your face.

After You have filled the form, we will send you a detailed option of what we will do or create, time of completion and payment option page. You will be required to make a commitment of 30% of the cost before beginning. Final payment will be required on completion and preview of work. A review of the completed work is allowed for up to three times after work is completed.

Kindly submit your request and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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